Internet Explorer 7 Users

Visitors to the London Carlow Association website who use Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) may be experiencing some problems relating to the way the website is displayed.

IE7 users users may notice that the boxes that appear on the left and right-hand of the webpage have gaps within them and are also not parallel to one another. Users of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers are not affected.

The issues relate to the way that IE7 renders webpages: IE7 doesn’t yet comply with current web standards. We are currently working on these issues and hope to find a workaround, or ‘hack’, over the next week. If we are unable to find a workaround within this time, we may need redesign the website.

In the meantime, if you would like to view the website as it was intended please install Firefox (which IE7 is modelled on). You can find a free Firefox download at

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