Carlow Dance

Carlow Emmigrants still have a spring in their step! The passion felt for Carlow was evident in South London recently when the County Carlow Association London held their Spring event on Friday 29th Feb 2008.

Two hundred people danced the night away to the tunes of ‘Cupla’. As the advert said, ‘On tour from Garryhill’, Cúpla played at popular London venues over the weekend including Crawley’s ‘Irish Party Night’.

But the big event of the weekend was the Association’s dance at Saint Boniface, in Tooting. Carlow Association Chairperson, Claire Sturley said ‘London is a very big place with Carlow people living in every Borough. In the springtime we try to bring our event to a different area each year, to make it easier for Carlow people to get together’. It certainly worked. This year the Committee was joined by some people they have not seen in years. Claire continues ‘It is a great joy to bring people together who have lost touch. It is so easy to pick up where you left off when you have something in common like your home, Carlow’.

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