Caroline Cunningham part of the ‘Pure Thinking’ Carlow Post Office Inspires Project

As the curtain rises on the Carlow Arts Festival 2015 visitors to Deighton Hall have a treat in store for them on Friday 29th May at 8.30pm when Carlow’s Inspirational People Portrait Exhibition in conjuction with Carlow Post Office show the works of some 28 local talented artists.
Ed O'Connell completed project

Ed O’Connell completed project

‘Art feeds the soul’ they say. But this year in Carlow town ‘Art’ aims to connect and inspire its community through the collaboration of a group of artists who came together under the banner of ‘Pure Thinking’ community for a project with a very special theme with the Carlow Post Office building featuring portraits of inspirational Carlow people.
Caroline Conningham the Rathvilly native who created the now famous ‘MIND THE GAP’ painting that was presented to the County Carlow Association of New York on St Patrick’s Day 2015 by the Carlow Association of London is part of this Group.
This group ‘Pure Thinking’ was founded in 2007 by local hairdresser Connie Byrne saying “I have always been fascinated by people, teams and artistic projects”, says Connie, “a successful common goal is only achieved through team work and allowing all talents to shine through.
The portraits of the group have been prepared for the panels of the Post Office building reflect a vibrant Carlow community with a special Olympian, actor, artist, historical figures, loved one’s who passed away perhaps through illness and kindred spirits showing others how to enjoy life to the full.
Caroline chose a local artist and neighbour who according to himself is now an ‘octo-geranium’ (pun intended). Ed O’Connell retired from a teaching career in Carlow Regional College (now Carlow IT) having taught and introduced the course on ‘Industrial Instrumentation’. He is a light-hearted individual who enjoys singing, playing music, fishing, gardening and painting despite the difficulties of arthritis of the hands and feet upon other ailments. He continues to enjoy life and has many friends in his community.

Caroline and Ed
Caroline and Ed
Caroline said “Personally, this project has opened doors for me. It gave me the opportunity to go beyond limits to create my best portrait to date thanks to artist Iwona Nartowska O’Reilly’s encouragement and demonstration.
The atmosphere in Deighton Hall during the project was industrious and refreshing. I made wonderful new friends and have found new opportunities to display my talents alongside these fantastic Carlow artists.”
The finished portraits have been prepared for the panels of the Post Office building.
We wish Caroline the best of luck with her career and look forward to hearing more on this very talented artist.
All portraits with details of each artists’ chosen inspirational person will be on display in Deighton Hall throughout the Carlow Arts Festival 2015 and worth a visit.

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